OFFICIAL! Man Utd’s turn to be severely fined

According to an announcement from the English Football Association (FA), Man Utd will have to receive a penalty after an incident in the match against Fulham.

On March 19, in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup,  Man Utd  had a comeback against Fulham. However, there was a fierce controversy in this match. After a period of investigation, the FA issued 4 penalties for Fulham. Mitrovic  was suspended for a total of eight matches and fined £75,000.

Coach Marco Silva was banned for two games and fined £40,000 for his reaction and post-match comments. Fulham were fined £40,000 for failing to prevent players from surrounding the referee.

Clashes occurred during the match between Man Utd and Fulham.

In total, Fulham was fined four counts of up to £155,000. Most recently, it was the FA’s turn to issue a penalty for Man Utd.

The FA announced:  “Man Utd were fined £65,000 after players surrounded the referee during an FA Cup match against Fulham.

The club acknowledges that it cannot guarantee its players to behave in an orderly manner, while at the same time behaving inappropriately.”

Thus, the total amount that Man Utd has to pay fines for similar errors has reached 202,000 pounds since the beginning of the season, more than any other club.

Previously, The Sun reported that the Red Devils spent £137,000 because of “uncontrollable player behavior in 3 matches against  Crystal Palace,  Newcastle United and  Chelsea from the beginning of the season.

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