OFFICIAL! Arsenal issued a statement against the Premier League

Homepage Gunners expressed disappointment when the team’s match against Chelsea was changed from the original schedule.

According to the original schedule, the Premier League match of  Arsenal  with Chelsea took place on the evening of April 29. However, the organizers decided to make adjustments.

Specifically, the heroic display at Emirates Stadium will be postponed for 3 days. This means that the Gunners will host  The Blues  on May 2. The move of the Premier League organizers made Arsenal unhappy. They immediately protested.

The Arsenal side criticized the decision from the organizers.

“This change is made from the proposal of the Metropolitan Police.

After working to try to find a solution with the police department, we are very disappointed by the impact and disruption the new schedule has had on fans, especially since this match was originally scheduled to be played. allowed to take place on the evening of April 29,” announced Arsenal homepage.

The official Arsenal and Chelsea Supporters Association in the UK also released a joint statement criticizing the decision to postpone the match: “We are extremely disappointed that the schedule has been rescheduled. This is an insult to with the fans.”

Currently,  Arsenal is at the top of the Premier League with 6 points more than Man City but played more than one match.

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