Odegaard did not dare to watch the celebration of Man City players

After Arsenal missed the Premier League title, midfielder Odegaard expressed regret and did not dare to watch Man City celebrate.

In the 2022/2023 season, Martin Odegaard’s Arsenal missed the Premier League title unfortunately. From having too many advantages against Man City, the London team lost their breath in the final rounds and watched the opponent win the third title in a row.

Arsenal’s defeat still haunts the Norwegian midfielder. Even Odegaard did not dare to witness Man City’s title celebration, even though it was when this team celebrated the Champions League trophy.

Odegaard did not dare to watch the scene of Man City celebrating

Specifically, Odegaard said: ” I tried not to follow the information and pictures of Man City’s celebration, because I still feel miserable. I try not to think too much about it. Although Arsenal showed the set impressive face throughout the season but not being able to win the title is still a bitter feeling.”

The Norwegian midfielder also shared his thoughts about the contract with Arsenal. Accordingly, Odegaard said: ” I have not worked directly with Arsenal, it is not my duty. So, I do not have too much to say right now. 

My contract is still in effect. I’m still enjoying my time at Arsenal. I hope I can stay here for a long time.”

After celebrating the first Champions League title with Man City in history, Haaland enlisted in the army with his teammates. The Nordic team are preparing for the match against Scotland in the Euro 2024 qualifier.

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