Neville disparages Alexander-Arnold’s defensive ability

Gary Neville told Alexander-Arnold to stop dreaming of being a midfielder and focus on improving his defensive side.

Alexander-Arnold’s poor defense has been exploited many times this season. In the first half of the match against Arsenal, Alexander-Arnold was one of the players who did not perform well.

However, the English player always knows how to compensate with the ability to support good attacks. Liverpool equalized 2-2 when Firmino headed home from Alexander-Arnold’s cross.

Neville disparages Alexander-Arnold’s defensive ability

Sharing after the game, Gary Neville said that Klopp should not try to use Alexander-Arnold as a midfielder and advised the English player to focus on improving his own defense.

“He has an impressive offensive ability. I don’t know what to say about him because his defense is so bad. Some of the situations where he chose to position himself to defend against Martinelli were very amateurish. Even so, his offensive ability is too good and I admire him a lot.

Alexander-Arnold will move into the midfield by being given the freedom to play at right-back. But if he actually plays in midfield then that’s a different story. Some of the best midfielders in the world like Xavi, Iniesta or Rodri, they are the ones who control the game. Trent is incapable of doing that.

I think Trent can play full-back. Jurgen Klopp tried to use him in a different position, in a role like Zinchenko or John Stones. But I think he might be better suited as a full-back.

Trent doesn’t need to be the best defender in the world, but he can’t be a weakness. Everyone just asked him to defend well and focus on his work. When you play for a team like Liverpool that are falling apart, these weaknesses are exploited even more.”

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