Neuer is in danger of losing the Bayern captaincy after a disagreement with the BHL

The relationship between Neuer and Bayern’s BHL appeared many cracks, even Lothar Matthaus thought that this goalkeeper deserved to be stripped of the captain’s armband.

Neuer is not worthy to be the captain of Bayern

Internally, Bayern Munich is experiencing many problems recently. In January, this team fired goalkeeper coach Toni Tapalovic. Then, goalkeeper Neuer shared with The Athletic that he felt “terrible” when he saw Tapalovic have to leave the team.

Neuer’s actions are said to make Bayern’s BHL unhappy. The legends of this team are also “hot” with the behavior of the German goalkeeper. Recently, Lothar Matthaus even said that Neuer is not worthy of the captain’s armband of Bayern.

Specifically, Matthaus told Sky Sports: “Neuer is no longer worthy of the position of captain of Bayern at all. He went skiing and broke his leg stupidly. Then went online to attack his club. Didn’t Neuer himself say a few weeks ago that no one should be bigger than that club?

Neuer appeared in disagreement with Bayern

I find it very uncomfortable with the words that Neuer used to criticize Bayern. He uses too heavy words. This is my heart broken! Everyone knows that no one has to die, and no child is seriously ill. It’s all just a predictable parting between the staff and the club.”

Neuer is currently sidelined with a broken leg and is expected to take up to a year to recover. During Neuer’s injury, Bayern had to rush to add another goalkeeper, Yann Sommer from Gladbach.

Bayern Munich has not yet commented after Neuer’s statement. Coach Nagelsmann said he was not too concerned about the interview. Bayern have a lot of work ahead of them and Nagelsmann wants to focus on each game.