Neuer criticized Bayern’s decision to fire goalkeeping coach

After Bayern sacked goalkeeping coach Toni Tapalovic, who has been with Manuel Neuer for a long time, the goalkeeper has voiced strong criticism of the decision.

Neuer criticizes Bayern

At the end of January, Bayern Munich made a decision to sack goalkeeper coach Toni Tapalovic. The reason is said to be the conflict between Mr. Tapalovic and head coach Nagelsmann. Even this goalkeeping coach was accused of disclosing internal information about the team.

It is known that coach Toni Tapalovic and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer have a very good relationship. Both came to Bayern in 2011 and the coach born in 1980 made an important contribution to Neuer’s journey to become the world’s top goalkeeper. Therefore, when Tapalovic was fired, the German goalkeeper felt very surprised and somewhat dissatisfied

Sharing with The Athletic, Neuer said: “The sacking of Coach Tapalovic really affected me a lot. It happened so surprise. I didn’t understand what happened and was amazed by the decision. Toni. always been a part of the team.For 11 and a half years he worked not only to help me but also to help the entire team of goalkeepers, the coaching staff and the club.

Neuer is not satisfied with Bayern’s behavior

I felt as if I had received another painful kick after I had fallen before. My heart feels like it’s been rubbed with salt. It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever experienced in my career. In fact, I found it very difficult mentally. Everyone in the goalkeeping team disbanded and started to cry.”

Neuer’s above statement may upset Bayern’s BHL. AS reports that the goalkeeper is at risk of further internal punishment from Bayern. Neuer knew what he did could lead to a penalty, but the goalkeeper was ready to confront the team.