Napoli officially crowned Serie A for the first time after Maradona era

With 1 point against Udinese, Napoli officially won the Serie A championship for the first time in more than 30 years.

Udinese’s Sandi Lovric sent Napoli’s spirits down a bit when he scored the opening goal in the 13th minute. But Victor Osimhen’s 22nd goal gave Napoli the point they needed against Udinese to post the opening goal. Championship 5 rounds early. The distance between Napoli and the second team of the Lazio group is 16 points. Juventus ranked 3rd with 17 points is no longer a threat to Napoli.

Napoli crowned Serie A for the first time since Maradona era

When the referee blew the final whistle, Napoli fans flooded the field to celebrate the historic moment with the players. Udinese is located 800 km from Naples, so many Napoli fans decided to stay at Maradona’s home ground to watch the match and celebrate. Napoli also actively arranged 8 large screens for fans to watch the club’s historic match.

This Scudetto title ends Napoli’s 33-year wait. This is the first time that Napoli have won Serie A since the great legend Diego Maradona led them to two championships in the 1986/87 and 1989/90 seasons. Fans at the Friuli Stadium held up banners with the image of the late legend Maradona as part of a long-awaited celebration plan.

The festive atmosphere promises to continue to be maintained in the last 5 matches of Napoli this season. They will officially raise the Scudetto championship in their last home match against Sampdoria on June 4.

Some celebrating pictures of Napoli fans:

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