MU offers a price to buy Onana

According to a source from Gianluca di Marzio, the Old Trafford team has had preliminary negotiations with the Cameroonian target.

Manchester United have not been able to completely solve the problem in the goalkeeper position. David de Gea is currently out of contract but has yet to make any move to suggest that Man Utd will keep him.

Therefore, it is not excluded that the veteran Spanish star will leave on a free transfer. While the Red Devils have also begun to consider the option of finding a more prestigious keeper.

Onana is in the sights of Man Utd.

According to Gianluca di Marzio, Manchester United have made a preliminary offer for the Cameroon star. They set a price of 40 million euros for this goal. However, Inter wants to earn at least 50 million pounds (equivalent to 58 million euros).

With a fairly large price gap, the two sides may have to sit at the negotiating table to find a common voice.

The representative of Italy is also in the midst of a financial crisis. Therefore, a reasonable offer should be able to get them to nod.

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