MU has a plan B in the Mason Mount deal

In the event that Mason Mount cannot be recruited, MU will turn to the case of midfielder James Maddison in the summer transfer window of 2023.

James Maddison is on MU’s radar

Mason Mount is one of MU’s targets in the summer transfer window of 2023. The Red Devils soon reached a personal agreement with the midfielder born in 1999. 

The bottleneck of this deal is just the transfer price. Chelsea only accept to release people if they receive 70 million pounds. 

However, MU definitely did not spend the amount of money as Chelsea wanted. The Red Devils believe that Mason Mount is not worth the price when there is only one year left on his contract. 

British media said, MU will not spend more than 50 million pounds for this deal. In the event that Chelsea definitely does not reduce the price, the Old Trafford team will withdraw. 

James Maddison is MU’s backup plan if the Mason Mount deal fails.

Currently, MU has a backup plan if the Mason Mount deal fails. That is Leicester City midfielder James Maddison.

The English player also only has 1 year left on his contract with the Foxes. It is almost certain that he will leave after Leicester City have to be relegated in the Premier League 2022/23 last.

Maddison’s talent has been proven over the years. In the 2022/23 season, midfielder No. 10 is one of the rare bright spots in the Leicester City collective, causing great disappointment. He has 10 goals and 9 assists in the Premier League. 

Currently, Maddison is receiving the attention of many Premier League teams. Before MU, there are Tottenham and Newcastle who want to get the service of the midfielder born in 1995.

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