MU fans take their hat off to Casemiro’s bravery

Midfielder Casemiro took the responsibility of kicking the first 11m kick for MU against Brighton, which helped him receive a lot of praise on social networks.

Manchester United beat Roberto De Zerbi’s side 7-6 on penalties in the FA Cup semi-final. Previously, the two teams were tied after 90 minutes of official play, 30 minutes of extra time also did not appear goals.

MU was the team kicking back in the penalty shootout, and Casemiro was the one to take the first kick for the Red Man. The star born in 1992 coldly beat goalkeeper Sanchez, equalizing the score 1-1. The camera recorded the image of MU meeting before the penalty shootout.

Casemiro took responsibility for the first kick for MU in the penalty shootout
He then accurately shot to equalize the score 1-1

The former Real Madrid star signaled that he would take the responsibility of kicking the first kick for the Red Man, the kick that brought great pressure. This helped him receive a lot of compliments on social networks. One fan wrote: “A true leader!”. Another added: “Definition of a leader, a leader.”

The third said: “That’s the bravery of a four-time Champions League winner.” And another commented: “The best players have to set an example, to support their teammates, Casemiro has stepped up, he has shown his class.”

In the first 6 series of kicks, the players of both teams successfully performed. The turning point came in the 7th series of shots. Solly March of Brighton shot the ball over the crossbar, while Victor Lindelof’s accurate shot helped MU win 7-6. With this result, Red Man meets Man City in the final at Wembley.

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