MU fans are angry with Maguire

MU fans were not satisfied with the performance of midfielder Harry Maguire on the day MU lost 0-3 to Sevilla and was eliminated from the Europa League.

Maguire passed the ball straight into the opponent’s foot, causing MU to receive an early goal.

In addition to David de Gea,  Maguire was one of the players who made a mistake in the 0-3 defeat against Sevilla in the second leg of the Europa League quarter-final on the morning of April 21 (Hanoi time). This duo made a mistake leading to the goal in the 8th minute of the “Red Devils”.

On social networks, MU fans vented their anger on Maguire after seeing the home team lose heavily Sevilla. Supporter Mark Goldbridge commented: “Maguire is completely at fault. It is true that De Gea is difficult to pass but a defender like Maguire needs to be prepared. He has many options to choose from but makes mistakes.” .

Fan named Frank said: “Look at the way Maguire handles the ball and you can still blame De Gea. This is the worst captain in history.” The account named Sauce Utd wrote: “Maguire is the one calling for the pass and what he needs to do is get the ball up the front line. 80% is Maguire’s fault on this ball and he needs to take responsibility.” .

However, former midfielder Robbie Savage said that De Gea was the one who made more mistakes than Maguire: “MU tries to organize the play from the bottom. Maguire can do better but why doesn’t De Gea pass the ball to Aaron? Wan-Bissaka? Maguire is clearly being followed by three opposing players. It is true that Maguire is at fault but De Gea should direct the pass to Wan-Bissaka. Poor performance.”

Maguire and De Gea were also caught arguing on the pitch during the first half. The situation happened when Sevilla organized an attack that caused De Gea to cross away from the goal to clear the ball. The Spaniard was angry with Maguire for not being able to control the ball. In response, the captain born in 1993 used hand gestures to ask De Gea to be quiet.

MU lost 2-5 in two legs of the quarter-finals and officially said goodbye to the Europa League. In the history of confrontation, MU faced Sevilla 5 times in the European Cup (Champions League/Europa League) and could not win (3 losses, 2 draws).

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