Modric renews Real Madrid: Timeless dance

Luka Modric’s adventure with Real Madrid will last another year, after he turned down Saudi Arabia to play top football.

Luka Modric  closed the season a week ago when he played a total of 66 games: 52 with Real Madrid and 14 with the Croatia national team. Only three players from the five major leagues finished the season with more appearances: Bruno Fernandes (70 games), Bernardo Silva (67) and Lautaro Martinez (67).

Modric extends his contract with Real Madrid for another year

The difference is that the first two are 28 years old and the third 25 years old, while the Balkan star is two months away from celebrating his 38th birthday.

The competition in top football is still not enough for this midfielder. Last Monday, Real Madrid announced  another season extension with Luka

In Modric’s case, he ignored the economic temptations from Saudi Arabia because of his career aspirations and he himself did not want to withdraw to a minor league.

Saudi Arabia’s oil dollars captivated Benzema; Marco Asensio enjoys the high salary at PSG; but Modric extended his love for  Real Madrid .

He stayed to help the club go through a whole new phase, rebuilding a forward line based on Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo, with the number 9 shirt vacant.


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