Mitrovic penalized for physical impact with the referee

With a direct red card in the recent loss to Man United, striker Aleksandar Mitrovic is under investigation and maybe a heavy penalty will be given.

In the recent FA Cup quarter-final, Fulham received three red cards when Willian blocked Sancho’s shot in the penalty area with his hand. The former Chelsea player received a direct red card after referee Chris Kavanagh reviewed the situation on videotape. Coach Marco Silva and striker Mitrovic were also sent off for reacting errors.

Recently, a spokesman for the English Football Federation issued a statement: “Fulham FC, Marco Silva and Aleksandar Mitrovic are charged following an incident in the 72nd minute of the match against Man United. Marco Silva used abusive/offensive language and engaged in conduct towards the referee; insults/insults the 4th referee before and after being sent off. Silva is also accused of throwing a water bottle at the lineman, whose behavior was inappropriate.

Aleksandar Mitrovic received more punishment for insulting the referee

Besides, Mitrovic’s behavior and words are also considered inappropriate when insulting / threatening the referee. Fulham Club has failed to ensure its players/coach behave properly.

The Fulham side has not yet responded to the allegations, and will have time to prepare during the period of domestic league breaks. Most likely, 2 members of this team will receive heavy punishment for their reactions.