Mitoma concedes defeat to Wan-Bissaka

The Brighton star spoke up after the confrontation with Aaron Wan-Bissaka in the FA Cup semi-final on April 23.

Wan-Bissaka disables Mitoma.

“It was a complete defeat”,  Goal  quoted  Kaoru Mitoma ‘s brief statement after facing the Manchester United right-back.

Similar to Mitoma, James Maddison, star of  Leicester City said: “Wan-Bissaka is too good in one-on-one situations, if not the best in the world right now. There are already a lot of players running. wings are disabled when facing him”.

Before the FA Cup semi-final took place, Mitoma was the player who made the most passes in the penalty area in  Premier League 2022/23. However, the Japanese star was powerless for 90 minutes against Wan-Bissaka.

100% successful pass rate, 100% win (6/6 times), 100% correct tackle (2/2 times), 7 times to gain control of the ball and 0 times to be overtaken are the statistics. Wan-Bissaka’s impressive statistics in a direct confrontation with Mitoma.

Not stopping there, the English player also has many confident dribbling situations on the right wing, thereby opening up opportunities for his teammates upline.

This is not the first time Wan-Bissaka has impressed in important matches. At the Carabao Cup final, the former star  Crystal Palace  also made Allan Saint-Maximin “turn off the power” during his time on the field.

Wan-Bissaka was once removed from the plan of coach Erik ten Hag because he did not know how to support the attack. However, the £50m signing took advantage of Diogo Dalot’s injury time to win back the trust of the coaching staff.

Wan-Bissaka proves to be strong in defense. However, he still needs to make more efforts to improve his thinking and ability to pass and cross to better suit Man United’s current tactics.

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