Mikel Arteta explains 2 reasons why Arsenal lost the title

Sharing with Marca, coach Mikel Arteta said that there are two main reasons behind Arsenal’s lack of breath in the title race last season.

The Gunners have been at the top of the Premier League table for 248 days – more than any other team in history that has failed to lift the trophy. In the end, they sadly ranked 2nd after Man City . Although far beyond the pre-season goal of reaching the top 4, but coach Arteta is still full of regret.

Arteta has put Arsenal on the right track.

Many people pointed out that the loss of points against Liverpool, West Ham and Southampton was the main reason for Arsenal’s defeat, and the Spaniard also agreed.

“To this day, it still hurts me not to win the title after 10 months with Man City,” Arteta  told Marca. “But that’s sport. Anyway, what we have achieved with such a young squad is worth it.

Those three consecutive draws cost us . And all the bad things happened. There are three or four injuries for important players and from there things get complicated.

When we have a full team, we are consistent. As soon as there is a problem, we cannot be consistent. And then our opponent is the best team in the world; the most powerful squad in the world; The best coach in the world… We have no choice but to accept this.”

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