Messi welcomes his first best friend to Inter Miami

On the morning of June 24, Inter Miami announced the successful recruitment of Sergio Busquets, Lionel Messi’s former teammate in a free form.

Busquets officially joined Inter Miami.

Midfielder born in 1988 joined Inter Miami after his contract with Barcelona expired. He is the second notable rookie of President David Beckham after Lionel Messi .

Busquets and Messi have long had a good relationship. This midfielder is often present at Messi’s intimate parties, when the Argentine superstar returns to Spain on vacation.

Messi and Busquets played key roles in Barcelona’s success.

Before that, Busquets had received many offers, including Saudi clubs with dream salaries. However, Busquets chose Inter Miami to be side by side with former teammate Messi. Inter Miami has awarded the 2010 World Cup winner a contract until the summer of 2025, with the option to extend for another year.

In the near future, President Beckham also wants to bring in Jordi Alba. Angel Di Maria is also in the sights of Inter Miami, but this deal is unlikely, because Di Maria is said to have reached an agreement to return to Benfica.

In addition, Luis Suarez also wants to go to Inter Miami to reunite with his best friend Messi. However, it was difficult for him to fulfill his wish when he was suffering from an injury.

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