Messi was named in Barca’s 0-4 defeat to Real Madrid

Barcelona fans still have special affection for Lionel Messi when the Argentine’s name was chanted during the semi-final second leg of the Copa del Rey.

Messi was named in Barca’s 0-4 defeat to Real Madrid

Barcelona had a meeting with their great rival Real Madrid in the semi-final second leg of the Spanish King’s Cup. Despite having the advantage with a 1-goal victory in the first leg and playing at home in the second leg, however, coach Xavi’s teachers and students could not take advantage of that and had to receive a defeat with a score of 0- 4 against Real Madrid.

Also in this match, the fans in the stands at Camp Nou chanted Lionel Messi’s name in the 10th minute of the match. This is also the shirt number of the Argentine superstar while playing at Barca.

As revealed by Barca Universal, Barcelona fans also continuously chanted Lionel Messi’s name even outside the stadium before the match. Fans of the Catalan team still have a lot of special affection for El Pulga even though the Argentine player has moved to PSG.

Barca fans called out Messi’s name in the match against Real Madrid

As for Messi, the superstar born in 1987 is also in an unhappy state in Paris after a disappointing series of matches by PSG. Fans of the “French rich guy” have been booing Messi in recent times, after the team was eliminated from the Champions League and had to receive 2 consecutive defeats in Ligue 1.

European media have also made a lot of speculation that Messi is being contacted to return to Barcelona in the summer transfer window of 2023. Barca fans are also looking forward to the deal this time, however, this will is a big challenge for the board of the Catalan team.

Messi’s contract with PSG will expire in June this year, currently, the 35-year-old individual player and the French team have not officially reached an agreement on a new contract. In the event that the two cannot find a common voice, Messi will become the most sought-after name in this year’s summer market.

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