Messi to Inter Miami: Surprised but understandable

There are many reasons for Lionel Messi to agree to join Inter Miami instead of returning to Barcelona or moving to Al Hilal .

A series of prestigious journalists in Spain simultaneously confirmed that Messi will play in the Inter Miami shirt after parting with PSG. All procedures still need time to process, but the Argentine superstar has made the final decision.

It was not an easy decision. El Pulga is eager to return to Barcelona, ​​while Al Hilal is willing to pay him a salary of up to 400 million euros. One side is love, the other is money. When putting each aspect on the scale of comparison, Inter Miami cannot compare with its rivals. So why did Messi agree to move to the MLS?

Barca made Messi impatient.

Here are some reasons that led to Messi’s somewhat unexpected decision. On the Barcelona side , this team is having financial problems and has not been given the “green light” by the La Liga organizers to welcome Messi back. However, the Blaugrana did not show the decisiveness in the negotiation process with the tournament operators. Representative Jorge Messi actively spoke to the media a few days ago as if he wanted to urge the Barcelona leadership to try to complete the deal. It shows that El Pulga’s side has run out of patience.

“Messi’s father and President Joan Laporta had a cordial conversation. The Barcelona side insists that they can register Messi to play in the 2023/24 season but that will take a lot of time. Messi doesn’t want to wait because two years ago, he thought he would get a contract extension and then go to PSG,” journalist Luis Rojo shared his opinion in Marca.

Messi’s patience with Barcelona is clear. But why did he refuse to play in the Saudi Arabian league? The most understandable answer is that Al Hilal’s project does not match the ambition of the former PSG star. El Pulga makes more money, but the league still lacks competition compared to the MLS (despite the fact that many famous players are being brought in for an ambitious project). Moreover, the Argentine striker still wants to play at the highest level possible in order to attend the next Copa America.

Al Hilal is not attractive enough for Messi.

Another reason why Messi didn’t go to Saudi Arabia was that his family didn’t want to live here. Cultural differences between the East and the West are predictable. In addition, if moving to the MLS, the Messi family can return to their home country of Argentina regularly, instead of having to fly halfway around the world from the Gulf.

It can be seen that Messi is still very ambitious and emotional. For a person who pursues such an ideal of life,  money is certainly not a decisive factor.

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