Messi sent his son back to school to Barcelona

Lionel Messi has recently completed the procedure to transfer schools for his 3 sons back to Barcelona, making the rumor that he will return to Camp Nou next summer even more grounded.

Specifically, the three sons of Lionel Messi will return to study at their old school in Barcelona before moving with their father to France in the summer of 2021. El Pulga’s children will study for 2 months in Paris before transferring schools. September is the time when the new school year in Spain starts.

The fact that Messi sent his children back to study in Barcelona made rumors about him returning to Barca even more grounded. Earlier, French media reported that the contract extension negotiation process between El Pulga and PSG officially broke down.

Will Messi return to Barca?

Messi himself is not too happy at PSG. Since moving here in the summer of 2021, he and his family have not been able to adjust to life in Paris.

Barca is also trying to bring Messi back to Camp Nou. However, before thinking about recruiting El Pulga, the Catalan team needs to settle financial problems.

Not long ago, the Catalan team broke financial fair play with a loss that exceeded what UEFA allowed. Therefore, Barca will not be able to recruit new players until the above problem is resolved. According to journalist Gerrard Romero, the Camp Nou team will have to sell at least 2 players, and at the same time convince the whole team to reduce their wages to be able to reunite with Messi.

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