Messi receives an unprecedented honor if he comes to MLS to play

As long as Messi agrees to join any team in the MLS, 29 teams in this tournament are willing to jointly pay the salary of the Argentine striker.

MLS clubs can jointly pay Messi’s salary

Messi’s future is a hot topic of discussion recently. The Argentine striker is said to not renew with PSG when his current contract ends and there are many rumors surrounding Leo’s next stop.

David Beckham’s Inter Miami is among Messi’s potential destinations if he leaves PSG this summer. Since 2022, President Beckham has made a move to “invite” Messi and a number of players like Busquets or Suarez. However, none of the players mentioned above accepted.

According to information posted by Sport, clubs in the MLS are considering doing something unprecedented in history to recruit Messi. Specifically, 29 MLS teams are willing to jointly pay Messi’s salary, regardless of which team the striker joins.

29 MLS clubs are ready to join hands to pay Messi’s salary

It is known that the teams in the MLS believe that Messi’s arrival in the US will significantly increase the image value of this tournament. In addition, welcoming Messi to the United States is also part of the promotion plan for the 2026 World Cup, a tournament in which the United States is a co-host.

Currently, Messi receives a salary of about 41 million euros / season with PSG. The amount that Leo received is about 3 times higher than Insigne – the highest-paid player in MLS at the moment. With MLS having just signed a 10-year £2.5 billion TV rights contract with the Apple+ platform, the possibility of Messi joining MLS is completely grounded.

However, the PSG side also confirmed that they would keep Messi. President Al-Khelaifi said this summer PSG will rebalance the squad, sell off some players and try to keep the duo Messi and Mbappe.

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