Messi reappears at PSG

The PSG homepage posted a picture of Lionel Messi returning to practice after receiving an internal punishment on May 3.

M10 returned to France after a business trip in Saudi Arabia a few days ago. Earlier, sources in France said that the Argentinian star was banned from training with the team and playing in two PSG matches against Troyes and Ajaccio.

On May 5, RMC Sport reported that if M10 is healthy, he is still in the plan of coach Christophe Galtier in Ligue 1. It is expected that the former Barcelona star can return in the confrontation with Auxerre on May 22 in Barcelona. round 36 Ligue 1. However, coach Galtier will have a talk with Messi to decide whether M10 can play or not.

The Argentine superstar can use “personal reasons” to refuse to play for  PSG. RMC Sport also said that the PSG leadership has increased security to protect the families of the players, including Messi and Neymar. The reason was because the fans had just flocked to the duo’s house to boo and demand that they quickly leave the team.

Image of Messi on the PSG training ground. Photo: PSG.

On May 5,  Messi shared a clip apologizing to PSG:  “I think we will have a day off after the match as usual. I have planned this trip and can’t cancel anymore. Before that , I canceled the trip during the season. I apologize to my teammates, and PSG. I am waiting for what the club wants to do with me.”

Without  Messi, PSG still had a 3-1 victory over Troyes on the morning of May 8 (Hanoi time) thanks to goals from Kylian Mbappe, Vitor Ferreira and Fabian Ruiz. This victory helps the Paris capital club maintain a distance of 6 points with the second team of Lens group in the context that Ligue 1 has 4 more rounds to close.

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