Messi apologizes to PSG after going to Saudi Arabia without permission

The Argentine star broke his silence when he apologized to the PSG host team after his trip to Saudi Arabia.

Messi apologizes to PSG after going to Saudi Arabia without permission

On his personal page, Lionel Messi spoke out about the scandal in the past:

“I think I will have a day off after the game as usual. I have planned this trip and can’t cancel anymore.

Before that, I canceled a trip during the season. I apologize to my teammates and the team. I am waiting for a decision from the club.”

With the above statement, it can be seen that Messi’s visit to Saudi Arabia was planned and he could not cancel it. Currently, the Argentine player is waiting for the next move from PSG.

Messi apologized on his personal page

As previously reported, just a few hours after PSG’s 1-3 defeat to Lorient, Messi and his family flew to Saudi Arabia as a tourism ambassador.

Because of this action, the Argentinian star was fined by PSG and suspended from playing and training for 2 weeks, and did not receive a salary.

The action of the World Cup champion also angered PSG fans. Thousands of people gathered at PSG headquarters and called Messi “a bastard”. This can be considered as the last drop of water, making the relationship between El Pulga and the rich French guy worse and worse.

According to L’Equipe, Lionel Messi will leave PSG on a free transfer after being heavily fined for traveling to Saudi Arabia without permission. Currently, the two sides are having many questions about the extension, and the latest incident further hinders the new contract from being approved.

In the event of leaving PSG, Messi announced that he would not go to the US or Asia to play. The Argentine still wants to play in Europe. If nothing changes, Messi will return to the field on May 22 to play the last 3 rounds for the team at the Park of the Princes in Ligue 1.

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