Mbappe openly opposes PSG

Striker Kylian Mbappe was mad at PSG for using his own image to promote tickets for the 2023/24 season without notifying the “owner”.

Mbappe is outraged by the actions of the PSG board

On April 6, the PSG homepage posted a video promoting ticket sales for the new 2023/24 season and featuring the French striker. That’s the image from Mbappe’s interview with the fans.

However, just a short time after the above video was posted, the striker born in 1998 felt inadequate and criticized the actions of the host team.

On his personal page, Mbappe wrote: “I do not agree with the publicly posted video. PSG is a great team and a big family but it’s definitely not Kylian Saint-Germain.

I was not informed about the content of the interview. It looks like a daily interview to promote the club’s image. This is why I fight for individual image rights.”

Mbappe publicly criticized PSG in an Instagram post

Worth mentioning, Mbappe is the only player to speak and appear in the promotional video to sell tickets for the next season. Meanwhile, the duo Messi and Neymar were not present. According to L’Equipe, this is a move that shows that the two former Barca stars will leave PSG as previously rumored.

This is not the first time Mbappe has spoken out about his image being misused. In 2022, the French captain once refused to take part in a photo activity with 14 sponsors of the national team.

At that time, Mbappe said that the dispute over his image rights with the French Football Federation was a “collective move” to help teammates. The 24-year-old striker also refused to participate in advertising for fast food companies and betting companies with the French team.

In addition, publicly confronting PSG as a move shows that Mbappe is unlikely to stick with the prince’s park team in the future.

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