Mbappe insists he is not affected by the French President

Before the transfer rumors, Mbappe said that French President Macron had no influence on the striker’s final decision.

Mbappe’s future is becoming a topic of special interest these days. The striker born in 1998 and PSG appeared to have no small disagreements and Mbappe can leave the French team this summer.

The PSG side is doing everything to solve the situation. There are even rumors that this team relies on the intervention of French President Macron to change Mbappe’s attitude. However, the striker himself has denied the above information.

Mbappe is receiving great attention

Accordingly, Mbappe said: ” Mr Macron will not affect my future. The president hopes that I stay at PSG until the end of next season and I really want to stay. So we have a chance to stay at PSG. the same opinion.

Right now, I have only one option to stay at PSG. I plan to stay with the team when the new season begins.”

Earlier, the PSG side was angry and accused Mbappe of being “grateful” when he sent a letter declaring he would not renew his contract. However, Mbappe insists he did nothing wrong: ” Honestly, I don’t think I offended anyone. I just sent a letter.

I don’t think such a letter has any effect. In fact, that letter was sent a long time ago, not during this gathering with the national team.

No need to explain why. I have my own reasons. My only option right now is to stay at PSG, I already said.”

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