Martial scored thanks to… cutting his hair for luck

Midfielder Bruno Fernandes revealed that striker Anthony Martial in recent times will score a goal every time he cuts his hair when he plays for MU.

Bruno reveals Martial’s way of getting lucky before every match

MU recently defeated Wolves with a score of 2-0 to secure a place in the top 4 in the Premier League. In this victory, striker Anthony Martial made a big contribution when scoring the opening goal.

This is the 8th goal of the striker born in 1996 for MU in all competitions this season. After the match, Bruno Fernandes revealed how Martial used his luck before each match to put his name on the scoreboard.

Martial often scores goals every time he cuts his hair for luck before the game.

Bruno shared witty on MU homepage:

“I knew Martial would score today because he cut his hair before the game. Every time he cuts his hair before games, Martial will score again.

Maybe from now on, before every game we will have to call the barber to see Martial. We need performances like this from him, we need a Martial who can score goals. That helps us a lot. He has a lot of quality tackles and creates space for his teammates.”

In the context that Rashford is likely to be out of the season due to injury, Martial is the hope on MU’s attack. For the rest of the season, the Red Devils have three Premier League games left and the FA Cup Final against Man City.

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