Marcus Rashford returns to training after injury

After suffering an injury and having to leave England, Marcus Rashford has returned to MU’s training center to practice to regain his senses.

Rashford back to training

Not long ago, Rashford had to withdraw from the England squad due to injury. The player born in 1997 has had to play at a very high density in recent times and Rashford’s injury is predictable.

During the England team reunion, the Man Utd striker rested and had a short trip to New York. However, Rashford did not have much time to “breathe” when the striker returned to training at Carrington to regain the feeling of the ball.

The MU homepage shares a picture of Rashford practicing at the club’s training center. The striker, born in 1997, practices speed exercises and moves with the club’s fitness coach. In the video posted by the MU homepage, Rashford was able to practice low-intensity runs.

Currently, the majority of Man Utd players are on duty in the national teams. However, coach Erik ten Hag still maintains training at the club. The players still practice movements and coordination according to the coach’s intentions. Meanwhile, Rashford trains alone without the ball.

The MU side has not yet officially announced the injury situation of Rashford. It is expected that coach Erik ten Hag will update this information at the press conference before the match against Newcastle in the Premier League. MU fans are more or less worried about Rashford’s condition at the moment.

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