Man City paid dearly after victory over Bayern

Man City’s victory over Bayern Munich became incomplete when midfielder Kevin De Bruyne was injured and had to leave the field in the second half.

Kevin De Bruyne is injured

When the second half was only about 15 minutes, Kevin De Bruyne was injured. Starting from an effort to save the ball close to the goal line, midfielder 17 slipped and got hurt.

Despite great efforts after receiving care from medical staff, De Bruyne could not continue playing. Coach Pep Guardiola was forced to withdraw the Belgian player from the field and replace him with Jullian Alvarez.

It is known that De Bruyne has an ankle injury. The Man City medical team will carefully examine the Belgian player’s condition to determine the extent of the injury.

De Bruyne was injured and had to leave the field in the second half of the match against Bayern.

Surely coach Pep Guardiola as well as Man City fans are holding their breath waiting for updates on De Bruyne’s injury. No one expected him to miss the most important period of the season.

Currently, Man City is still competing in 3 arenas FA Cup, Premier League and Champions League. And the importance of De Bruyne to Man City is no longer in dispute.

Man City beat Bayern with a score of 3-0 in the quarter-final first leg of the Champions League 2022/23. The goals of Rodri, Bernardo Silva and Haaland brought a huge advantage for the blue half of Manchester before the second leg.

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