Maldini thanks God for not having to face Messi

On Tutto Juve, AC Milan legend Paolo Maldini called Diego Maradona and Ronaldo Nazario the two best attacking players he has ever faced in his career.

Maldini , who feels lucky not to have to face Paris Saint-Germain’s Lionel Messi, also thinks Al-Nassr captain Cristiano Ronaldo is a fine striker but less magical than Maradona and Nazario.

Speaking of the best attacking players he has ever faced, Maldini said: “He [Maradona] and Ronaldo [Nazario], the Brazilian, are the strongest. I didn’t go up against Messi, feel Thank God CR7 is a great striker, but he is less magical than the other two.”

“I’m fast and strong, but they [Maradona and Ronaldo] are even faster. Diego is also very good.”

Maldini is a great defender.

Maldini is considered by many to be one of the best defenders in the history of world football during his playing days. The former Italian defender has won more than 25 trophies during his professional playing career.

He quickly returned to AC Milan for behind-the-scenes duties and was instrumental in bringing the team back to Serie A glory last year and reaching the semi-finals of this season’s Champions League.

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