Making a bold plan, the owner of Qatar is ready to acquire Man Utd

According to CBS Sports, the Prince of Qatar is determined to take control of the Old Trafford club in the near future.

Up to this point, the Glazers held the third round of negotiations. The reason for the delay in selling  Man Utd  was because the Glazers wanted to carefully consider the offers and find a way to push the price up as high as possible.

The Glazers want to sell Man Utd at £6 billion. However, the latest offers from the Prince of Qatar, Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, and Sir Jim Ratcliffe only hit the £5 billion mark.

But the Qatari owners did not give up. According to Sky Sports,  Sheikh Jassim is still 100% committed to buying Man United. Sheikh Jassim has long been a loyal fan of the club and is willing to spend big to own Man Utd.

The latest, according to CBS Sports, The Prince of Qatar  does not rule out the possibility of directly meeting the Glazer family in an effort to convince the American owner to reach an agreement to sell the team.

Sheikh Jassim’s aim was to remove the middlemen and meet the Glazers through the financial company Raine – or even bypass it altogether.

In other words, Sheikh Jassim plans to negotiate privately with the Glazer family, which means that the process of working with Raine can be skipped.

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