Luke Shaw is becoming more and more interested in playing central defenders

Luke Shaw admitted that he had many difficulties when he was repeatedly arranged by coach Erik Ten Hag to play a left-back center in a 4-man defense at MU.

Luke Shaw sublimes in new position

In the context of losing the pair of central defenders Lisandro Martinez and Raphael Varane to injury, coach Erik Ten Hag decided to let Luke Shaw play central defender in the 2022/23 FA Cup semi-final against Brighton. The English defender completed the task when helping MU keep a clean sheet for 120 minutes before winning on penalties.

This is not the first time this season that Luke Shaw has been assigned to play at centre-back. In response to the belief of coach Ten Hag, the player born in 1995 proved himself in a position that is not his forte.

After the win over Brighton, Luke Shaw admitted that it was not easy to adapt to a new position without playing often. But now, number 23 of MU is used to this and is always ready to accept the task if assigned by coach Ten Hag.

Luke Shaw is more and more interested in playing at centre-back.

Luke Shaw shared:

“It’s not easy playing a central defender. It’s easier to play a central defender in a defense of three, I’ve played like that many times before.

But in a four-man defense, things are completely different. Honestly, it’s a lot more difficult. But now I’m getting used to it. Before the game against Brighton, coach Ten Hag gave me a few days to adjust to the new position.

Now, I am more and more interested in this task. I will be ready to play in the midfield position if asked by the coach.”

With Luke Shaw playing well at central defender, coach Ten Hag has more options to rotate and backup for the duo Lisandro Martinez and Raphael Varane. Perhaps in the next summer, he will not have to buy more central defenders but can spend money to supplement other positions.

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