Lukaku opened fire. Belgium beat Germany for the first time in 69 years

Romelu Lukaku continued to shine in Belgium’s 3-2 friendly win against Germany on the morning of March 29

Score:  Fullkrug 44′ (pen), Gnabry 87′ – Carrasco 6′, Lukaku 9′, De Bruyne 78′

After the disappointing 2022 World Cup, the Belgian team made many changes when coach Domenico Tedesco replaced Roberto Martinez. They started their new dynasty smoothly with a 3-0 victory over Sweden in the EURO 2024 qualifying round. The bigger challenge is for the “Red Devils” when they have a friendly match as a guest on the German field.

However, Belgium entered quite well. The world ranked 4th team only took 6 minutes to hit the net “Die Mannschaft”. From a quick counter-attack, Kevin De Bruyne trimmed the ball to the left for Yannick Carrasco to rush straight into the penalty area. After a beat of handling the German defender, Carrasco hit the left shot to open the score.

Lukaku still shows his importance in the attack of the Belgian national team

3 minutes later, goalkeeper Ter Stegen had to go into the net to pick up the ball for the second time. Continuing to be De Bruyne with a situation where he completely eliminated the opponent’s defense, creating conditions for Romelu Lukaku to break the offside trap to escape and defeat Ter Stegen. After two matches, Lukaku exploded with 4 goals for Belgium.

A minute before the end of the first half, the home team had an equalizer. In a corner of the left wing in the direction of attack, the German crosser touched Lukaku’s hand. The referee immediately blew the whistle. On the 11 m dot, Niclas Fullkrug did not make any mistakes.

After the break, the German team tried to press the pitch to level the score. They controlled the ball 54%, launched 16 shots, 4 accurate shots but the effect was not there. In contrast, from a speed ball in the 78th minute, De Bruyne received a cross from his teammates and hit the German net for the third time in the match.

In the 87th minute, Serge Gnabry removed the face for the 2014 World Cup champion with an accurate shot from close range. Before that, he had a beautiful solo phase on the right wing, passing 5 white shirt shadows, but the last shot sent the ball narrowly across the post.

The score of 2-3 is kept until the referee blows the final whistle. According to Opta, Belgium has won against Germany for the first time since 1954.

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