Liverpool have a bad head-to-head record against Real Madrid in the past 5 years

Perhaps Liverpool is tired of constantly having to meet Real Madrid in the European arena, because they have lost in all 4 encounters with the Royal Spanish team during the past 5 years.

With a 1-0 defeat in the visit to the Bernabeu in the second leg of the 1/8 round of the UEFA Champions League, which ended early this morning, March 16, Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students officially stopped the game in the European arena. continent this season.

Liverpool lost to Real Madrid 2-5 at home in the first leg.

It was even more “painful” when The Kop once again lost at the hands of Real Madrid – the team has too many predestined relationships with them. According to statistics, in the last 8 meetings in the Champions League, Liverpool FC lost 7 matches to Real Madrid. The only time they did not lose was the 0-0 draw with ‘White Vulture’ in the second leg of the 2020/2021 season.

With the defeat in this year’s season, so Liverpool has experienced the 4th season of “tasting bitter fruit” against Real in the Champions League during the past 5 years. Since the defeat in the 2018 UEFA Champions League final, Klopp’s army has received 3 other defeats against Real.

Those are the failures in the 2021, 2022 and 2023 seasons. In the 2020 season, although they did not meet Real Madrid, Liverpool faced Atletico Madrid and then had to stop before this opponent.

Only in the 2019 season, Liverpool did not encounter the representatives of Madrid, but they successfully competed and won the championship after overcoming rival Tottenham in the final.