Lionel Messi was booed by PSG fans again

Lionel Messi was booed by PSG fans before the match against Lyon because of rumors linking him with Barcelona.

When the electronic board announced that Lionel Messi was in the starting line-up, boos resounded in the Park of the Princes. These boos come mainly in the area where the PSG ultras are located. These fans have also booed Messi several times in recent weeks.

Lionel Messi was booed by PSG fans again

This boo is not for Messi’s on-field performance. It seems to point towards the recent Argentinian player’s departure from PSG and a return to Barca.

Vice-President Rafa Yuste confirmed on Friday that Barcelona are working on bringing Messi back to the Camp Nou. Currently, Barca is in contact with Messi’s father.

The Argentine striker has not yet spoken about his future. However, there are rumors that he reached an oral agreement to stay at PSG in December.

After the early booing, Messi also failed to produce a good enough performance to appease the fans. The Argentine player completely disappeared in the match against Lyon. As a result, PSG suffered a defeat at the Park of the Princes home ground.

This defeat made PSG start to worry about the number 1 position on their rankings. Coach Galtier’s army is now only 6 points away from the chasing group. The season has 9 rounds left and PSG will face Lens directly in mid-April. It will be a decisive match to PSG’s Ligue 1 title this year.

Messi’s name was booed by PSG fans before the match against Lyon:

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