Lampard does not like Chelsea players at the moment

Witnessing Chelsea’s performance in recent times, Gary Neville said that Lampard does not like the person he is right now.

Lampard doesn’t like his players

The series of unforgettable days with Chelsea continued as this team just went through the 4th consecutive game without knowing the smell of victory. Man City with a reserve team easily overcame Chelsea on the day of the coronation and Lampard’s team is still in crisis.

After the game against Man City, Gary Neville commented that Lampard did not seem to like his players. He said: ” Looking at Lampard, I see there is an image of a manager who does not like the people he has in his hand.

Chelsea have had a lousy campaign. Now they’re only 12th and Chelsea need to take a serious look at the end of the season.”

Lampard is said to not like Chelsea players

This season has witnessed too many changes from the top to the people of Chelsea. Despite receiving financial backing from the new owner, the Blues struggled throughout the season. Up to this point, the London team had only won 11 matches and ranked 12th.

According to information from Fabrizio Romano, the next Chelsea manager will be Mauricio Pochettino. The former Spurs manager is said to have reached an agreement with the Stamford Bridge team and is ready to succeed Lampard at the end of this season.

However, Chelsea fans do not expect much from Pochettino. With so many players in the squad, stabilizing the dressing room will be a challenge for every coach leading Chelsea in the coming time.

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