La Liga players are bitter, rush to bite opponents

Ivan Alejo acted ugly in Cadiz’s 0-2 loss to Villarreal in round 36 of La Liga on the morning of May 25.

The situation took place in the 61st minute when Ivan Alejo fell to the field after a challenge, Aissa Mandi approached and shouted at the Cadiz player. Immediately, Alejo jumped up, rushed to bite Villarreal ‘s number 23 on the shoulder . Luck was on Alejo’s side when he did not have to receive any punishment from the referee team.

Alejo bites his opponent.

In 2013, Luis Suarez, while playing for Liverpool, was banned for 10 matches for biting Branislav Ivanovic. A year later, the Uruguayan was further banned by FIFA for four months, also for biting Giorgio Chiellini in the shoulder during a World Cup match.

Back to Cadiz , Alejo’s team lost to Villarreal 0-2, thereby having difficulty in the relegation race when only 3 points above the “red light” group but played more than one match.

Alejo is known to many fans not for his talent but for his shocking statements and actions with Vinicius Junior, the star of Real Madrid. In March, Alejo was heavily criticized for rough fouls on Vinicius. Even, the player born in 1995 is proud of his unsportsmanlike behavior: “My plan is to make a foul as soon as he has the ball. Vinicius can take care of himself if he still wants to attend the World Cup.”

When witnessing the celebratory dance of Vinicius, Alejo also posted on his personal page the monkey icon to insult his Brazilian colleague.

Vinicius is a victim of racism . After the incidents in the Real Madrid match against Valencia, the La Liga organizers removed the red card for the star born in 2000. In addition, the President of the Spanish league, Javier Tebas, also had to apologize to Vinicius for his mistake. did not support this player.

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