La Liga decided to cancel Barcelona’s contract with midfielder Gavi

The Camp Nou team recently received shocking information about midfielder Gavi, when the player had his contract canceled and was not registered in the first team of the club.

Accordingly, Gavi signed a professional contract with the host club Barcelona in September, with the term extending until 2026 and registered as a first-team player. However, La Liga BTC recently decided that this contract is not valid, due to mistakes in registration activities, namely exceeding spending limits and an inflated salary fund.

That means, the Spanish midfielder is still identified as a youth team player, wearing the number 30 shirt again and the current contract is only valid until the end of this season. If they want to keep Gavi, Barcelona need to solve financial problems, or simply sacrifice another player.

Gavi’s contract with Barcelona is cancelled

In the event that Barcelona win La Liga this season, Gavi will not be recognized because he is determined not to be a first-team player. The La Liga side said that the reason was because Barca had submitted the documents after the prescribed time limit.

The Barca side gave a counterattack that they did the right thing and did not delay any time. In addition, the decision to cancel Gavi’s current contract was made by a lawyer from the judicial authority, so this is not a final decision and the club still has a chance to reverse the penalty.

In the worst case, Gavi will become a free agent this summer and the Camp Nou home team will face the registration problem, similar to Lionel Messi in the summer of 2021. Before that, President La Liga – Javier Tebas announced Barca’s debt of 200 million euros and this team needs to solve the above debt if it wants to participate in the transfer market.