Knocking out Bayern, Man City paid a heavy price before the great Arsenal war

According to Football London, Manchester City suffered a big loss after beating Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Gunners  let the opponent hold a 2-2 draw after taking the lead by 2 goals in 2 consecutive Premier League matches. Accordingly, the draw against Liverpool and West Ham deals a “strong blow to Arsenal’s  premier League championship”.

Currently, they are 4 points ahead of Man City but played 1 more game. Notably, Arsenal is about to enter a direct confrontation with Man City on April 27. This is considered an important match, even the final of the season.

However,  Arsenal  can be somewhat reassured when Man City is unlikely to have the best force. In the 1-1 draw with Bayern Munich in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, Man City received a great loss in terms of personnel.

Man City received a big loss.

Specifically, Nathan Ake was substituted for Aymeric Laporte in the second half after being hurt. The Dutch midfielder fell to the field, clutching his back thigh and grimacing in pain.

According to Football London,  Ake has a hamstring injury and may not be able to recover in time for the match against Arsenal. It should be known that Ake plays an important role in Man City’s defense this season.

Losing Ake, surely coach Pep Guardiola will have a headache to rearrange the tactics that are in shape at this time.

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