Klopp: Just have 1% chance, Liverpool will not give up

Coach Jurgen Klopp affirmed that Liverpool will fight until the last minute against Real Madrid despite a 2-5 defeat at home in the first leg.

Klopp insists Liverpool will not give up before Real Madrid

Liverpool face many disadvantages before the rematch with Real Madrid in the second leg of the 1/8 round of the Champions League. In the first leg, The Kop lost 2-5 at home.

Although the hope of winning tickets to continue is not much, coach Jurgen Klopp insists that Liverpool will still fight to the end, not intending to give up. The German strategist shared before the match:

“Three weeks after the first leg, we have a rematch against Real Madrid. Now, with just a 1% chance to hope, there’s no way we’ll give up.

Liverpool lost to Real Madrid 2-5 at home in the first leg.

We are here to face one of the strongest opponents in Europe. Liverpool’s desire is to win to continue. However, everyone knows that it is very difficult. We also want to know how far we can be.

Everyone understands how difficult Liverpool’s situation is right now. I won’t give Real Madrid any warning. I just want to say that we came here with the desire to win back. To do this, Liverpool will have to have a good game, play at their best.

Things are too difficult now. Everyone knows how strong Real Madrid is. Scoring 3 goals is an extremely difficult task. But that’s still not enough. Must not concede any more goals.”

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