Klopp: It hurts! That’s the worst thing for Liverpool

Via the homepage, coach Jurgen Klopp expressed his feelings about Liverpool not having a place in the Champions League.

Liverpool and Southampton offered a very good match on the closing day of the Premier League 2022/23 with a 4-4 draw. With The Kop, they cannot have a place in the Champions League next season.

Despite great efforts to come back strong at the end of the season, leaving the opponent far behind before making the Anfield team can only be satisfied with the 5th place overall .

Klopp admitted he was not happy when Liverpool had a disappointing season.

Speaking after the match, coach Jurgen Klopp said: “It has to be said that for a club like Liverpool, not being able to qualify for the Champions League is a huge pain , but in the next few years you can see how many teams are doing. fighting for the place in the top 4.

It won’t be easy but we still have to move on and that’s what we will try with all we have.

If we improve, suddenly we’re a team nobody really wants to face, so that’s what we have to be determined to come back to.

There are many games in the season where I think the teams are happy to play against us. It’s really the worst thing that can happen to you and I hate moments like that.

But that’s over and now it’s going to start all over again.”

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