Klopp celebrates Salah’s missed penalty

Coach Klopp did not look at Salah’s penalty and celebrated because he thought the Egyptian player scored an equalizer for Liverpool.

Liverpool were awarded a penalty early in the second half after midfielder Rob Holding cut down Diogo Jota in the box. Salah was given a chance on the 11-yard mark but failed to do so.

Klopp celebrates Salah’s missed penalty

Coach Klopp decided not to watch Salah take the penalty but towards the audience. The German strategist punched his fist in celebration before realizing that Salah missed because the players did not celebrate.

Anyway, Liverpool still got a late equalizer thanks to Roberto Firmino. The port city team also had the opportunity to score the decisive goal in injury time but Ramsdale played brilliantly for Arsenal. In the end, both teams are satisfied with 1 point obtained at Anfield today.

Arsenal widened the gap with Man City to 6 points but played 1 more game. Meanwhile, Liverpool continue to bury in 8th place with 44 points. Klopp’s army is still 9 points behind Tottenham’s 5th place, but played less than 1 match.

Liverpool’s only goal this season is to win a place in the European Cup. However, they have not won in the last 4 matches in the Premier League and are significantly short of breath compared to their competitors.

At the end of this season, Liverpool faced many easy opponents. They only have 1 big battle with Tottenham at Anfield. If you can play stably and win a series of wins, the opportunity to compete with Liverpool is still there.

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