Khuat Van Khang: U20 Vietnam is at a disadvantage by the referee

Sharing after the loss of U20 Iran, captain Khuat Van Khang expressed regret and dissatisfaction about the control of the match.

The midfielder on the Viettel payroll had discussions with the referee after the match between U20 Vietnam vs U20 Iran ended. Khuat Van Khang contributed 1 goal, but that was not enough for Hoang Anh Tuan’s teachers and students to participate in the next round. Stopped right from the group stage, U20 Vietnam unfortunately closed the Asian Cup finals.

“Actually, it’s not just this match, but many matches in Vietnam are always at a disadvantage by the referee. But I think we have to accept and get used to everything when going to the international arena.”

– Khuat Van Khang shared.

Khuat Van Khang was disappointed after losing to Iran U20

The captain of U20 Vietnam also expressed about the match result and affirmed that this is a great lesson for him and his teammates: “U20 Vietnam had a very good opportunity to enter the next round, but things did not go as expected. This failure will be a lesson we will never forget.

I’m very sad that the whole team gave their best. But U20 Vietnam could not get the best result. It’s football and we have to accept it. This will definitely be a lesson for me to try harder in the future.”