Kai Havertz: Chelsea rookies need more time

Kai Havertz urged fans to be patient and give Chelsea’s rookies more time to prove their abilities in the new shirt.

Kai Havertz sympathizes with Chelsea’s rookies

In the last winter transfer window, Chelsea spent nearly 400 million pounds to recruit 8 rookies. However, they have not been able to adapt to the new environment in a short time.

Chelsea’s performance in the Premier League has not improved much. Months have passed, the Blues are still ranked 10th on the chart.

In that context, Kai Havertz urged fans to be patient and give Chelsea’s rookies more time to prove their abilities. The German striker himself also went through a lot of difficulties when he first moved to Stamford Bridge, so he sympathizes with his teammates.

Kai Havertz understands the situation Chelsea’s rookies are facing.

Kai Havertz shared:

“In the last transfer window, many new players have joined Chelsea, in which, Mikhailo Mudryk and Enzo Fernandez are the two most notable expensive signings.

They just turned 22 years old. They need time to shine but you can’t expect them to become Neymar immediately.

They were just like me when they first arrived at Chelsea, they needed time to prove themselves. I was also the most expensive signing in Chelsea history. I don’t remember exactly how much the transfer fee was, only that it was huge.

That brings a lot of pressure because everyone thinks you will be like Messi. I was only 21 years old then. People just look at the transfer fee and ask for a lot.”

Currently, Chelsea only has a goal in the Champions League to save the failed season. Previously, the Blues were eliminated from the FA Cup and Carabao Cup, and had almost no chance of reaching the top 4 in the Premier League.

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