Jude Bellingham was suddenly criticized for lack of discipline

Former German midfielder Dietmar Hamann thinks that Jude Bellingham is the type of player with poor discipline and no one at Dortmund dares to speak out about this player.

Bellingham lacks discipline

Jude Bellingham is one of the best young players in European football over the years. The English midfielder is also among the “hot goods” on the TTCN. Real Madrid, Liverpool or Man City have all expressed their interest in Bellingham.

However, according to Dietmar Hamann, Bellingham is a type of player who lacks discipline. Even the former German midfielder said that in Dortmund, no one dared to speak up to “correct” Bellingham for fear of offending this player.

Sharing on Sky Sports,  Dietmar Hamann said: “I don’t dare say too much about Bellingham. He is a great talent, possesses great qualities and skills of a top player. That is not necessary. debate.

Jude Bellingham was criticized for poor discipline

He wants to return to his home country of England, or join Real Madrid. But if I were Real Madrid, Liverpool or Man City, I would consider signing Bellingham. What Jude doesn’t have is discipline. At Dortmund, Bellingham has almost everything he needs.

No one in Dortmund dared to speak up to correct Jude. Simply because no one wants to disappoint him. If you have to team up with a player like that, sooner or later there will be problems.”

Dietmar Hamann’s comments are not without foundation. Not long ago, Bellingham’s teammate Emre Can once spoke to remind his juniors. Specifically, the two argued on the field on the day Dortmund lost to Bayern. Emre Can once said that Bellingham still has a lot to learn.

Currently, Dortmund is still tough in negotiating Bellingham. According to the latest information, Dortmund will only sell Bellingham if it receives 131 million pounds.

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