Jorginho’s girlfriend in bikini soaks in cold water

Catherine Harding, girlfriend of midfielder Jorginho, showed off her bikini body by soaking in a cold bath.

Catherine Harding has 24,500 followers on Instagram and regularly posts bikini photos that make men stand still. The beauty has a beautiful face and hot body. She revealed her cold shower routine.

Jorginho’s girlfriend in bikini soaks in cold water

In the latest video posted, Catherine Harding endures the cold for 4 minutes by taking deep breaths before going out to dry herself. She has a 7-year-old daughter Ada with actor Jude Law after their brief relationship in 2014.

Catherine met Jorginho in 2019 after the Italy international broke up with his ex-wife Natalia Leteri. The couple welcomed their first child, son Jax, born in September 2020. They live together in London, where Jorginho moved to Chelsea in 2018. They have remained the same despite Jorginho’s move from Chelsea to Arsenal this past January.

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