Joao Cancelo explains the real reason he left Man City

Defender Joao Cancelo claims he left Man City to get a regular start, not having to look directly at coach Pep Guardiola.

Joao Cancelo moved to Bayern Munich from Man City on loan in the 2023 Eastern market, the contract allows the German team the right to buy the Portuguese player permanently at the end of the season. Cancelo quickly shined when he landed “Gray Lobster”, and it is likely that he will sign a long-term contract with this team.

Joao Cancelo explains the real reason he left Man City

It was reported that Cancelo had a conflict with Man City’s coach Guardiola before being forced to leave the Etihad Stadium. However, this player denied in an interview on February 15, he said:

“My quarrel with Pep Guardiola is fabricated information, completely untrue. I no longer feel important to the team in recent times. Then I spoke to Pep and he agreed to let me go.

Most recently, defender Joao Cancelo announced he was leaving Man City to be a regular starter, adding: “After the 2022 World Cup, Pep used with a full-back drifting in more. He uses Nathan Ake and Rico Lewis in my position, he sees a lot of positives in them.”

“I respect his decision. But I think a player is always a little selfish. Any player wants to feel important to the team. I want to play and win trophies. Like Pep said, I need to play to be happy.”