Joao Cancelo continues to have problems at Bayern Munich

The German press revealed information around Joao Cancelo’s problematic integration with teammates at Bayern Munich.

Cancelo has a hard time at Bayern

After leaving Man City to join Bayern Munich, Cancelo quickly showed himself. The Portuguese defender has two assists in his first two games for his new team. The good start will help Joao Cancelo soon compete for the starting position in the new team, but things continue to go wrong for this defender.

Since the beginning of March, Cancelo has not started a minute. The last time Cancelo appeared in Bayern’s match was a meager 12 minutes against Union Berlin on February 26. Even since joining Bayern, Cancelo has never played a full 90 minutes.

German newspaper Sky Sports also reported that coach Nagelsmann had no intention of using Cancelo in the second leg against PSG. The former Leipzig coach prioritizes Josip Stanisic over Joao Cancelo because of his flexibility when he can play as a central defender in a 3-5-2 formation. In the wing corridor, the stability of Kingsley Coman and Alphonso Davies also made it difficult for Cancelo.

Cancelo sits crouched during Bayern’s training session (Image: BILD)

Meanwhile, Bild newspaper captured the moment Cancelo crouched in a corner during the training session before Bayern’s match against PSG. The Portuguese defender looked frustrated and sat on the ball, next to Sadio Mane. Bild even revealed that Cancelo is self-isolating and barely communicates with teammates. Before that, Cancelo was also said to have gone into a rage and kicked a ball into the street.

Bild’s information is in stark contrast to what Bayern posted. Earlier, the German team shared a training video and Cancelo scored from a very emotional kick.

Cancelo also spoke up after constantly having to sit on the bench. “I will do the best, the rest let God decide,” Joao Cancelo shared on his personal Instagram page.

The loan deal between Cancelo and Bayern will end next summer. Bayern has not yet decided whether to buy Cancelo outright or not, but with what has happened in the past time, it is not easy for Cancelo to continue to stay in the German team.