Jim Ratcliffe focused on taking over Man Utd

According to French newspaper L’Equipe, Nice club is facing a gloomy transfer window when their owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe, is focusing on taking over Man Utd.

L’Equipe revealed Nice is quite obscure about the transfer budget in the summer transfer window, when owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe  is trying to buy Man Utd. The British billionaire has so far sent the Glazer family 3 offers but has yet to receive a clear response.

Ratcliffe is focusing resources to buy Man Utd.

Meanwhile, Nice sporting director Florent Ghisolfi was appointed at the start of last season. Unfortunately, although he had outlined an ambitious plan, he was unable to execute it.

Back in October last year, Ratcliffe angered Man Utd fans when praising American owners. He said: “I met Joel and Avram (Glazer) and they are the nicest people, I have to say, they are polite gentlemen. They do not want to sell Man Utd. It is owned by six children. (the Glazers) and they don’t want to sell it.”

Some previous reports said, Ratcliffe pledged to leave some shares to the Glazer family if they took over. Meanwhile, billionaire Sheikh Jassim wants to buy back 100% of the Red Devils.

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