Jack Grealish: “Man City can hardly be beaten now”

Speaking after Man City won the 7th Premier League silver trophy, midfielder Jack Grealish confidently affirmed the strength of the home team.

After Man City won their 12th consecutive Premier League victory with a 1-0 victory over Chelsea, the Etihad Stadium team was lifted the trophy of the NHA championship in the 2022/2023 season. 

This is the 9th national championship title of Man City club and also their 7th championship in the Premier League era. More impressive is that in the last 6 seasons, the Green Man has won 5 times. 

Jack Grealish is confident in the strength of the home team at the moment.

And sharing after the first championship that the home team got this season, midfielder Jack Grealish said: “We have a lot of stars in the team. We feel that Man City is really a team. the ball is unstoppable at the moment, that makes me feel a lot more confident.

Imagine if someone said that you have to win 12 games in a row to win the tournament? I dare not believe that. But after the last FIFA Days, we felt like we were invincible.”

Because Man City officially won the championship before the last match against Chelsea, Jack Grealish was not launched by coach Pep. Instead, the Spanish military leader has prioritized giving opportunities to reserve players who have little chance to play. 

However, during the journey to the throne in the English Premier League this season, Jack Grealish’s contributions to Man City are not small. The English star has scored 5 goals and has 11 assists for teammates after 48 appearances.

Sharing about this, the star born in 1995 said: “I feel this year I have played a much more important role in Man City. I have felt confident and returned to myself. That That’s so great”.

Besides, Jack Grealish also gave praise to his teacher Pep Guardiola when he said: “I cannot fully appreciate his talent. Pep knows everything. He brings out the tactics. different. It’s been a pleasure working with him.”

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