Inter Milan’s leader insists he won’t keep Lukaku

Inter Milan CEO Beppe Marotta said the team will let Lukaku return to Chelsea after the current loan deal ends.

Inter do not want to keep Lukaku

Lukaku is currently playing for Inter Milan on loan from Chelsea. The loan contract between the two sides will expire next summer and the Italian team has shown no signs of wanting to extend with the Belgian striker.

According to Inter’s CEO Beppe Marotta with Sky Sports, Lukaku is not in Inter’s plans in the near future. Specifically, he said: “The contract between Lukaku and Inter will expire this June. So, no matter how well Lukaku plays, he will return to Chelsea. This is inevitable.

Inter Milan is facing a problem that many clubs face, which is the post-World Cup player performance. Not only Lukaku, but Brozovic is no longer the best version, not the Brozovic we used to know.

Lukaku will return to Chelsea in the summer

In addition, Lukaku is no longer able to maintain proper fitness. His body is not in the best condition to play right now. Lukaku has fallen a lot from the peak of his form, nor can he maintain the image of a top striker as in the past.”

This season has seen Lukaku’s poor form. The persistent injury caused the striker to miss the first phase of the season, and also made Lukaku’s performance in the 2022 World Cup fade. Lukaku has only 5 goals in 18 games for Inter this season.

Marotta’s share means that Lukaku will have to return to Chelsea this summer. However, the chance for the striker born in 1993 in the London team is very small. Chelsea have just added many strikers and it is difficult for Lukaku to compete for the main kick, especially with the current form.