How big is Barca’s economic loss when losing Messi?

Without Lionel Messi in the squad, Barca is expected to lose many sponsor brands and come with hundreds of millions of euros.

Not Catalonia, Miami (USA) is the next destination in Messi’s career. With Barca, the decision to choose Inter Miami was a heavy blow. Dreams are now broken with cules too.

Messi used to be the symbol of Barca . The goose lays golden eggs. Big brand in the world of football. The character is influential and creates huge economic impacts wherever he goes. Without Messi, the potential revenues that the Argentine superstar brings also say goodbye to Barca. All hours focused on Inter Miami.

Messi’s “economic” power

According to a report in 2021 by Brand Finance, the world brand valuation company, Messi’s departure from Barca could reduce the team’s brand by 11%, or 137 million euros compared to the club’s valuation of 1.266 billion euros. . The actual impact of Leo’s departure from the Camp Nou is not so serious. However, Barca’s brand value recovery rate is much slower than that of their arch-rival, Real Madrid – the club is currently valued at nearly 1.5 billion euros. The difference between Barca and Real Madrid increased from 10 million euros to 84 million euros.

In 2021, Real Madrid’s brand value is 1.276 billion euros. In 2023, that number increases to 1.458 billion euros. Meanwhile, Barca’s brand value reached 1,374 million euros. A proof of how big the economic impact Messi creates for the Camp Nou team.

Before Messi finished choosing a new destination a few days ago, the newspaper SPORT – Barca’s – made a detailed economic report on the potential value the Argentine superstar could bring to the team. Accordingly, the appearance of the former PSG star will help bring back many sponsors, expected to be about 150 million euros, for the club.

PSG used to benefit a lot after recruiting Messi in 2021. Also according to research published by SPORT, the number of sponsors for the Parc des Princes team has increased by 13%, while his shirt sales. giant Paris increased by 60%.

In 2021, the first season Barca did not have Messi in the squad, the number of spectators at the Camp Nou decreased significantly. The situation was only positive again with an average of 83,049 spectators attending each club game in the 2022/23 season, when Barca was reinforced by Robert Lewandowski and many other players.

For comparison, it is easy to see that Messi is like a magnet attracting the audience to the field. In fact, he helped Barca greatly benefit in terms of image promotion, drawing fans to the field to fill the Camp Nou stands for many years. If Messi reunites with the Catalan club in the 2023/24 season, the number of spectators is expected to skyrocket.

Messi is a big brand in the world football village. Photo: Reuters.

According to Spanish media, Barca cannot recruit Messi on a free transfer in the summer of 2023 because of the “weak” financial situation. The team must reduce the salary fund, get rid of the cards that are no longer suitable.

If Leo comes to Barca, he will receive a salary of 25 million euros per season. The number is not low for a player who is nearly 36 years old. However, SPORT estimates Barca’s net profit – with the owner of 7 Golden Balls in the squad – will be up to 100 million.

Messi’s power is really great. Not only is he a superstar with magical displays on the pitch, but he can also create a huge economic impact for the club. To lose Leo, Barca now have to accept the bitter truth, they have to deal with financial problems with players who are far from compared to the Argentine superstar in many respects.

More importantly, Barca can now only see Inter Miami begin to enjoy the results after Messi’s signature. Brand Finance commented that not only the team in the US, the MLS is also about to enter a “prosperous period”. All thanks to the 2022 World Cup champion.

Barca can only regret now

Football is the king sport in many countries, except the United States. Despite the fact that the US women’s soccer team has dominated the world for the past 25 years, this sport has not really received much attention from the audience. Research by Brand Finance shows that football, with the NFL is the “spiritual food” most loved by Americans. ” Only 5 states in the country do not consider rugby their number one sport ,” SPORT wrote.

In the MLS, Inter Miami is not the biggest name. The new Sporting Kansas City are highly rated, they topped in many categories, including: Favorite Player, Best Team, Best Managed Club. Not to mention Sporting Kansas City is also a club that owns a great stadium, a sustainable development model, and does good business. In addition, Real Salt Lake and DC United also received many compliments.

Initially, there were skepticism regarding Messi’s potential achievement at Inter Miami. Mentioning Leo is referring to the symbol of victory. However, Inter Miami is not a club rich in achievements as well as playing the role of giants in the MLS. They are even at the bottom of the table.

However, Inter Miami is now the club that owns Messi, the best player in the world. The recruitment of Leo shows that this team is very ambitious, ready to do “fantasy” (to refer to recruiting Argentine superstars – PV) but in the end surprised everyone.

Messi’s arrival in Miami marked a big turning point in the sports aspect, opening up great potential for commercial development for the United States. Photo: Reuters.

Having Messi in the squad promises to create a push for Inter Miami professionally and commercially. It was just like when Pele signed with the New York Cosmos, the transfer ignited a football fever across the United States. Then, Messi promises to turn the fortunes of the team in Florida, driving the fan base of not only the team but the MLS to the field.

In 2021, Barca suffered great economic losses when Messi left. PSG is then the team that benefits. Going forward, the successful recruitment of Leo offers Inter Miami a great opportunity to increase commercial revenue. Revenue from sponsors and club sales also promises to be more prosperous. According to US media, tickets to a match of Inter Miami increased by 10 times or more after the news that this club officially welcomed Messi.

” Messi’s arrival in Miami marks a big turning point in the sports aspect, opening up great potential for commercial development for the United States. With the position of a big name, a football icon, a star with great skills. With exceptional playing skills, Leo will help Inter Miami attract more sponsors and boost sales. Obviously, the power of the Argentine superstar cannot be underestimated,” said Hugo Hensley, Head of Sports of Brand Finance, says.

What was pink with Inter Miami should have shifted to Barca, the team that Messi always aspires to return to. In the end, that scenario did not happen, and then Barca could only regret it.

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